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Red deer are one of the most important mammals in the Highlands. They play a key role in its overall biodiversity and contribute substantially to the rural economy through commercial stalking, providing employment in areas of low economic output as well as generating income for local businesses through recreation and tourism. Effective management of red deer therefore requires careful consideration.

This Deer Management Plan (DMP) has been produced in order to identify the common objectives for the two separate management units that cover GDMG’s 42463 hectares. The largest unit covers just over 35100 hectares, and is comprised of Arnisdale, Eileanreach, Glenquoich, East Glenquoich, Kinlochourn, Glenshiel, Cluanie and Bunloyne Estates. The smaller unit on Glenelg peninsula covers 7354 hectares including Druidaig Estate and with Forest Enterprise (FE), now Forestry & Land Scotland, and Scottish Ministers as the main land owners. Within this area there are four primary grazing committees – Scallasaig, Beolary Galder and Coulindoune that manage the crofting interests in the area. Additionally the National Trust for Scotland at Kintail and Corrielair Estate are included in GDMG meetings and supply management data as part of that process.

GDMG Deer Management Plan

Glenelg DMG Deer Management Plan

Appendix 1 – Working Plan Update

Appendix – Glenelg DMG maps

Glenelg Deer Management Model 2019 – updated August 2019

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