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ADMG Update – Autumn 2023
An Autumn update on activities for DMGs and deer managers is available here
The 2022 Autumn update is available here.

A Declaration for Upland Deer Management
The Declaration, published by ADMG ahead of the May 2021 Scottish Parliament elections is available here.

‘Trophy’ Export Guidance
Since Brexit hunting ‘trophies’ now need a health certificate to be sent to the EU. These certificates need to be signed off by either a registered veterinary body or local authority certified to deal with food matters. More information from BASC here.

Joint statement from shooting organisations following announcement of the 5 January 2021 lockdown
Shooting and rural organisations in Scotland have published a joint statement regarding guidance for those undertaking deer management and other shooting activities during the lockdown announced by the Scottish Government and effective from 5 January 2021.

The risk of STEC (Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli) contamination in wild venison
Known to many as the Scottish Deer Health Survey this Scottish Government and Food Standards Scotland-funded report has now been published, addressing the knowledge gaps and allowing us better understanding of the risk of STEC (Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli) contamination of wild venison.

Although the prevalence of STEC O157 in wild deer is low, the report found that when discovered, it is the strain associated with the most severe forms of human disease. Therefore, adherence to strict hygiene practices from cull to final product are strongly recommended in its conclusions.

More information on the FSS website.

Country Sports in Scotland
A framework for appropriate COVID-19 precautions for country sports in Scotland (updated October 2020). Joint publication with BASC Scotland, SCA, SL&E, SCSTG, SGA and SACS

Short survey to assess impact of Covid-19 restrictions on stalking lets (October 2020)
Final survey report

Survey to assess the impact of the loss of let stalking and disruption to the food supply chain on deer culling intention (May 2020)

This survey was undertaken to establish what the financial loss would be to those letting upland and lowland stalking given restrictions on UK and foreign travel under current COVID-19 regulations and social distancing rules, and how this might affect 2020/21 cull plans.  The survey also wanted to find out how the loss of let stalking and potential changes to game dealer/ processor arrangements, which will be subject to reduced capacity, might affect volumes of venison going into the food chain.  See full report.

ADMG The Voluntary Approach – Rising to the Challenge (December 2019)
Scotland’s upland deer management. The voluntary approach: rising to the challenge

ADMG Analysis: DMG Assessment Reports

Detailed analysis by ADMG of the DMG Assessments carried out by SNH in spring/early summer 2019.

ADMG Survey of Stalking Rents (Red Deer) 2018

This survey, sponsored by Knight Frank, assesses the level of current rents for a range of different stalking options and provides the sector with valuable information about stalking rents in general. The previous survey was done in 2011. The 2018 survey results are now available.

Understanding carcase contamination (August 2018)
This guidance is designed to help deer managers and stalkers understand what constitutes ‘contamination’ and ‘gross contamination’ of carcasses and improve the quality of carcasses submitted for processing. This is available as a pdf. It can also be supplied as a Powerpoint presentation (12Mb). Contact:

PACEC 2014 Economic Study

ADMG, with LDNS, and the Scottish Gamekeepers Association has commissioned an in depth survey through PACEC to assess the contribution of all deer management to the Scottish economy. The Contribution of Deer Management to the Scottish Economy and the Report’s Executive Summary can be viewed and downloaded using these links.

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