Forestry and Land Scotland out of season culling: Statement from ADMG Chairman Richard Cooke

“Forestry and Land Scotland, in responding yesterday (3 September) to criticism in a press statement by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, stated that ADMG “supported” its plan to cull hinds and calves from 1 September.  This is absolutely not the case.  We were advised of this proposal at a meeting on 31 January and accepted that the Deer Act permits this under the general authorisation and under Section 5(6).  We responded that any early culling must be in accordance with Best Practice and should not result in the orphaning of any dependent calves. 

“While ADMG acknowledges that FLS has responsibility for protecting Scotland’s woodlands and plantations from damage by deer we regard out of season culling as a regrettable necessity which is unpalatable to many in the deer management community.  FLS is an important participant across most of the DMGs and has made an excellent contribution in supporting the development of the venison industry, but we really cannot afford to have misunderstandings such as this.”