Fire Level Danger EXTREME – 4 July going forwards

There have not been drought conditions like this for many years. In many parts of the country all fuel layers have become ‘available to burn’. There has been no significant rain for a long time, with a consequent continuing increase in fire danger. We are now also in the main holiday period with many people out enjoying the countryside.

The assessment is that the level of fire danger is now extreme. This will continue until Sunday  8 July, for the whole of Scotland. There is light rain forecast initially for north-west and then west Scotland by Monday 9 July, which should provide some relief there. However eastern and southern Scotland have a continuing drought.

This means that there is the potential for extreme fire behaviour, should there be ignitions, especially in grassland, gorse, moorland and forest habitats. There will also be potential for re-ignitions and significant smouldering. So all phases of fire suppression: knock-down, containment and mop-up and patrol will be important. Increasing thought needs to be given to dry fire fighting techniques.

Although the news has focused on the very large Saddleworth moor and Bolton fires there have also been very large fires in Wales, Northern Ireland in Scotland as well.

With these conditions extreme caution is advised.

If you have High Fire Risk signs now would be a good time to put them up; also consider checking known problem areas and having equipment prepared.

Conditions for anyone tackling any fires will also be very difficult and de-hydration could become an issue. Provision of water will be essential.

This is the latest Wildfire Danger Assessment for the period 4 – 11 July 2018