What do DMGs do?

Deer Management Groups are voluntary and are run by representatives of the landholdings in the group’s area. The collaborative activities of a group would normally include the carrying out of a coordinated count of all the deer in the area annually. This provides a basis for assessing the cull required to meet the combined objectives of group members and to ensure that the deer are managed sustainably – that there is a population of deer suitable in terms of the environment and compatible with other land uses such as farming, forestry, tourism and public recreation, and which makes a contribution to the local economy. The annual cull is agreed among members of each DMG.

Many groups have developed Deer Management Plans. These provide a framework for the integrated management of deer along with other land uses.

ADMG Principles of Collaboration (.PDF, 45.4 kB).

Model template for DMG Constitution (.DOC, 45.5 kB).