Scottish Natural Heritage

The Deer Commission for Scotland (DCS) was the Government agency responsible for deer until its merger with Scottish Natural Heritage in 2010.  The predecessor of DCS until the Deer (Scotland) Act 1996, the Red Deer Commission, was instrumental in the establishment of deer management groups.

SNH has close links with, and provides advice to DMGs. The two organisations are in regular contact on many issues, and ADMG has a dedicated project officer seconded to its management team by SNH.

SNH’s technical team carries out a regular programme of deer population counts. In addition, they assist with culling operations as required, and undertake research and survey work. As a last resort under the Wildlife & Natural Environment Scotland Act, SNH has statutory powers of intervention and can carry out culling on privately owned land.

Scotland’s Wild Deer – A National Approach
Including 2015–2020 Priorities
Available for download (.PDF, 1.9 MB).

The 2016 WDNA Action Plan and report on 2015 actions is available here .