Glenisla Glenshee DMG

In 2013 the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee’s review of deer management called for increased professionalism in deer management planning across Scotland and challenged all Deer Management Groups (DMGs) to produce forward looking deer management plans by 2016.

In response to this the then East Grampian Sub Group 1, now Glenisla/Glenshee DMG, has drafted its deer management plan. This plan builds on the previous work of the Group and incorporates new requirements from Government.

The initial consultation period for this Deer Management plan has now ended and all comments have been considered.  The completed plan can be found here:

East Grampian SA1 (now Glenisla/Glenshee DMG) Deer Management Plan
EG SA1 boundary map
EG SA1 map 1.2

EG SA1 SPA map 1.3

EG SA1 NWSS map 4

For more information about the Group contact:
Deirdre Stewart
Secretary, Glenisla/Glenshee DMG
T: 01224 860170