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Deer Management in Scotland: Report to the Scottish Government from Scottish Natural Heritage (2016)

ECCLR Committee – final evidence session of the Deer Management Review
The Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee of the Scottish Parliament is undertaking a review of deer management and, on 24 January 2017 in the final evidence session, heard for the second time from SNH.  This gave SNH an opportunity to respond to some of the criticism levelled at its Report Deer Management in Scotland published in November 2016.

You can watch the video record of this and the previous ECCLR Committee evidence sessions on Scottish Parliament TV here

The draft written report of that final evidence session is available here

ADMG now awaits the Committee’s findings, its report to the Cabinet Secretary and her proposals and any subsequent actions to be taken by the Scottish Government.

ADMG oral evidence on the report
ADMG gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee on the above report on 13 December 2016.  The Scottish Parliament video of that evidence session is available here.

ADMG’s written evidence on this report is available here.


Land Reform (Scotland) Bill

Political measures in relation to deer management and consideration of the removal of the exemption from business rates for sporting and deer forests were brought forward in the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill.

The Land Reform (Scotland) Bill was passed in the Scottish Parliament in March 2016 and has now become an Act following receipt of Royal Assent.

The following are documents and briefing notes produced through the process of the Bill.

ADMG  briefing for all constituency and list MSPs in Scotland’s upland deer management areas.

ADMG  information sheet (Q and A) for MSPs on the upland deer sector.

The Stage 1 report on the Bill was published by the RACCE Committee in December 2015.

A link to the ADMG response (14.12.2015) to the RACCE Committee Stage 1 report is also below.

This section gives easy links to relevant reports, consultation papers, and ADMG responses to consultations.

  • ADMG commentary on the RACCE Committee Stage 1 Report on Land Reform (Scotland) Bill — download (.PDF, 100 kB).
  • RACCE Committee Stage 1 Report on Land Reform (Scotland) Bill — download (.PDF, 4.6 MB).
  • Land Reform Consultation Response — download (.PDF, 1.0 MB).
  • Written evidence to the Rural Affairs and Climate Change Committee of the Scottish Parliament for the Review of the Impact of deer on Scotland’s Natural Heritage, (November 2013) — download (.PDF, 124 kB).
  • Recommendations of the Scottish Parliament RACCE Committee to the Minister for Rural Affairs, Climate Change and the Environment Paul Wheelhouse MSP following its inquiry into the Impact of deer on Scotland’s natural heritage — link.
  • RACCE Committee Inquiry – Impact of deer on Scotland’s natural heritage. Response of the Minister Paul Wheelhouse MSP to Rob Gibson MSP Convener of the RACCE Committee — download (.PDF, 303 kB).
  • ADMG Principles of Collaboration — common ground — download (.PDF, 25.9 kB).